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by Sonja on May 13, 2009

shu uemura

I’m so excited about today’s post! As I was strolling down Fillmore Street in San Francisco one recent evening, I caught a glimpse of the new shu uemura Pink Collection at the shu uemura boutique (we’re lucky to have one of the three boutiques in the U.S. here). I had to try on these stunning new lipsticks and glosses. I was blown away by the vibrant shades and lovely formulations and knew these would be perfect for a makeup video. I got even more excited when I learned shu uemura had two more wonderful launches for summer – new gel eyeliners and waterproof cream shadows. Then to top it off, I found out I would get my makeup done by shu uemura Principal Makeup Artist Rita Brown for the video – she’s one of just four shu uemura atelier artists. Talk about having my stars aligned.

First off, I’ll share a bit about the new products. Then I have a video of Rita creating a brilliant summer look for me with intense, drop-dead pink lips and a gorgeous golden glow. Rita also talks more about excellent makeup choices for summer.

Off-the-Charts Pink Lips

shu uemura Pink Collectionshu uemura has long been a leader in creating the most vibrant, intense, stop-you-in-your-tracks colors so I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw the new Pink Collection. I was thrilled. I love pink and this unique, broad range of pinks – each one gorgeous in its own right – from bright and bold to subtle yet striking.

The colors are unusual – not like most other pinks – because they made a breakthrough and developed a pink hybrid pigment to get one of the purest pink pigments discovered (which they patented) so the pinks aren’t dull or muddy. These are no wallflower pinks. The collection is so striking that we had a hard time shooting the video, because so many people kept coming in to ogle the collection.

There are nine shades of the Rouge Unlimited lipsticks ($23) and five shades of the Gloss Unlimited ($22) in this collection – light pinks with yellow or blue tints, and dark pinks with yellow or blue tints. You can easily make a statement by wearing just one or by mixing and matching. The lipsticks are incredibly silky, as are the glosses, which are not at all sticky or heavy feeling. They also wear incredibly well and stay put nicely.

It’s impossible for me to choose a favorite. I covet every shade. Seriously. The dark shades are great for a look that focuses on the lips – a great alternative to a bold, red lip. The mid-range shades are perfect for a more natural yet fun look. And the lighter shades are wonderful paired with smoky eyes. I must say though that I am partial to the shimmery and sparkly ones – I’m such a sucker for shimmer and sparkle.

Beautiful, No-Budge Eye Makeup

shu uemura Cream ShadowsJust in time for summer, shu uemura has also added a beautiful collection of easy-to-use, easy-to-wear eye makeup that won’t melt off in summer heat or budge after a long day at the office. The new Cream Eye Shadows ($30, in photo at left) are essential additions to anyone’s makeup collection. The waterproof formulas are sumptuously silky and creamy, easy to blend, and provide lots of color payoff without fading or creasing. No lie. Wear a light wash or apply more to build up the color. There are matte and sheer, pearly hues – nine versatile colors in all.

The new Painting Gel Liner ($24) is another essential – super smooth, packed with pigment, and easy-to-use. It doesn’t flake, chip, or smudge. Along with the basic black and brown, they have trademark vibrant, fun hues, like metallic, pearly green and purple, and a fantastic gold and silver. Of course, you can wear just one. But these are also very cool mixed and matched. To easily get the most delicate line or bold strokes, try the new Portable Eye Lining Brush ($28), a hand-crafted brush that is capped so it’s perfectly portable and won’t get messed up in a makeup bag. I wanted to get one of these on the day of my visit. But they were all out for the moment, because the brush has been so popular.

A Makeup Lesson and Great Tips

I got an amazing makeup lesson and great beauty tips from Rita. She is so talented and lovely. I was tickled by the fact that we’re both half Korean. Check out the video. A listing of everything she used is below.

Products Used

shu uemura Painting Gel LinersUV Underbase (such an amazing, unique, multi-tasking product – I loved this)
Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation #964
New Cream Shadows in Pearl Brown and Matte Sand Brown (such pretty colors and they wear so well – the Matte Sand Brown also works very well as a brow color and really stays put)
Glow On P Gold 94 as an eye shadow and as a highlighter (love a good multi-tasker)
New Painting Gel Liner in Matte Brown (in photo at left)
New Portable Eye Lining Brush (this is especially nice, because it’s perfectly portable and won’t get messed up in a makeup bag)
Precise Volume Mascara in Black
Eyelash Curler (this made a huge difference – very impressive)
Glow On M Pink 31 as a cheek color
New Bronzing Powder Light (love the way it contours and makes me look thinner – this is part of the new Eternal Gold Collection)
Drawing Lip Pencil Pink 375
Rouge Unlimited (lipstick) PK 369
Gloss Unlimited PK 378S

Rita says a limited-edition UV Underbase Shimmer is on the way. I’m sure that will be outstanding. If you need a super easy and fast way to clean your makeup brushes, check out my post from earlier in the week about the shu uemura Brush Cleaner that has me cleaning my brushes as often as is recommended for the first time in my life.

See for Yourself

If you have the chance, you must check out these colors in person and take the time to sit down for a lovely lesson. These products are available at,, and at shu uemura boutiques and counters nationwide (click here to find one near you).

Do Tell

Do you love a bright, bold lip? What do you think of a bold, pink lips? What do you think of the new colors? What are some of your favorites from shu uemura?

P.S. Check out our regularly updated Beauty Resources page for some amazing beauty deals at,, Sephora, and more.

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1 What The Pros Do May 13, 2009 at 1:45 am

Im drooling over these now Sonja, the pinks are gorgeous!

I think the look she did on you would be perfect for going day to night if you added the lip colour for drinks after work. I love the blush and bronzer she used on you too ;)


2 Naomi May 13, 2009 at 2:37 am

I hope you took the blush home as it looked fantastic on you!

I’m making this video my YouTube pick of the week - really well done & concise!


3 K-Line May 13, 2009 at 5:56 am

Sonja: You look beautiful!


4 Sonja May 13, 2009 at 8:14 am

❤ What The Pros Do, aren’t the colors amazing?! I’m thinking the same thing on the day-to-night thing. I really love the way she did the blush and bronzer, too.
❤ Naomi, I know. I need to get that blush! Soooo pretty! And thanks so much for the fabulous compliments on the video! I’m so excited to be pick of the week!
❤ K-Line, thank you!


5 Kayla May 13, 2009 at 10:35 am

I loveeee that lip color! I’m always too nervous/think it makes my teeth look yellow/I’m too pale…but if I get the chance and am at one of their counters, I will have to try it.


6 Sonja May 13, 2009 at 11:27 am

❤ Kayla, I’m sure they can find you a pink that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow and that will work with your skin tone. There are so many options with the different tints and levels of pigments. AT LEAST should work for you. Definitely stop in for sure! :)


7 Elizabeth May 13, 2009 at 7:32 pm

Absolutely gorgeous! Great job Sonja! Love your videologs!


8 Macala Wright May 14, 2009 at 2:42 pm

OMG, Shu is the only place I shop in SF. I drive or fly to go. They are so amazing. the cosmetic are top notch and gorgeous.

Check out Roya at The Mizu Spa for the best eyebrow wax in the California.


9 brandi May 14, 2009 at 3:42 pm

gorgeous pics!


10 Rachel May 15, 2009 at 12:50 pm

Thanks so much for the post. It is so hard to find current Shu tutorials or launch pics!!


11 Sonja May 15, 2009 at 3:36 pm

❤ Elizabeth, thank you so much!
❤ Macala, wow, that’s high praise indeed. Thanks for the tip about Roya!
❤ brandi, thank you!
❤ Rachel, you’re very welcome. Thank you for visiting!


12 yenmax May 22, 2009 at 10:23 pm

It is amazing to see the difference before and after the makeup. I really like way how she goes into details. It is almost like making a sculpture, just like an art.


13 Sonja May 26, 2009 at 8:03 pm

❤ yenmax, so glad you found the video interesting and informative. Rita is a way pro artist and such a delightful person! I love how she made me look!


14 Ala June 13, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Hi there,
I love the way she made you look. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I’m just wondering, do you happen to know what brushes she used? I’m thinking of getting the cheek brush but not sure if it’s the natural brush 20h or natural brush 14h.

Thanks a lot :)


15 Sonja June 14, 2009 at 10:35 am

❤ Hi Ala! Rita did a beautiful job! Unfortunately, we were focused on the makeup so we didn’t go much into the brushes. I will do a better job with that when I shoot with them again. I looked at my makeup sheet and didn’t have the brushes listed. So sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! :(


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