Chevron (and we’re not talkin’ gas)

In the last post I describe disappointing meanings of words (lederhosen-leather pants)… but for many years, I thought chevron was just the name of a gas station. Embarrassing right? And was delighted to find out that it just describes the general shape of the V character. Nice, the word ‘chevron’ sounds so cool…and it shouldn’t be tied to gas stations and …oil.  I love stripes, but find it hard to wear them. Sure… except when I want to dress like Beetlejuice! Then pile on the stripes thank you! In search to wean myself off of the grey routine has taken over my wardrobe these last few years, I’ve picked up a dress that’s well, grey..but it has other colors.

This weekend I’m getting ready for fashion week, it’s been wild working on the IFB conference the last few months. This fashion week there are going to be so many opportunities for bloggers, it’s incredible. I really can’t believe how much has changed in the last few years. But hey, it’s all part of the fun! Is there anything you want to see on the The Coveted for fashion week? I’d love to hear your requests!