Citizen of the World

It was always my goal to be a citizen of the world… and I tried! Living in the UK, and most recently Germany… it’s getting there.. Los Angeles based is a vintage shop with a German twist. Weltenbueger means ‘Citizen of the World.’ and what I like about this, is the selection here has a definite German flavor.. and I’m not talkin’ about lederhosen..which I was disappointed to find out that ‘lederhosen’ just means ‘leather pants’ it’s not particular to what we think lederhosen means. I’ll stop digressing! Sorry… anyway, this Weltenbuerger is really more present-day German style, and reflects more what you would see in some of the more hip vintage boutiques. The price points on the other hand, are completely American, ranging around the $25 price point something you would see in some of the vintage shops on Melrose. It looks like there will be the German version launching soon, so all of you on the Europe side, stay tuned, I have a feeling this is going to be a good shop to add to your bookmarks!