Bronde Girl

I had an itch to brighten my hair, to make a change, but the first change really wasn’t me. In my mind I thought of going lighter, images of Alexa Chung with her brown, but blonde hair.. bronde, the color between brown and blonde. Last night I went back to Pimps and Pinups to fix my hair to something that suited me more. This meant doing research on what exactly was lurking in my mind when I said, “I’d like to go lighter.” Blonde isn’t an option for my olive skin and brown eyes, but sometimes brown is well… boring. It’s hard to add depth, and hard to justify coloring my hair a fraction of a shade and for $100. I wanted more depth, and going bronde looked like it would work on me. My stylist, Marissa, took a look at the images that I presented, not only were they bronde, the had very similar ombre tones. See, hair naturally brightens as it grows, and to be frank, no one shows their natural color these days, so why not play around?

Here is a mood board (sorry, Alexa) with some of the brondes on the runways for AW11:

I feel bringing in a photo really helps and, it’s more aligned with what really inspires. Yeah, I guess that’s common sense, but it took a lesson to make that happen. Anyway, I really like how the new color turned out.

What are some of the hair color trends you’re feeling lately?

Photos: Nando Alvarez • • Dimitrios Kambouris//Getty