Coveted Perfume: Fam by So Oud

I’ve been on the perfume hunt forever… and ever it seems.  Most perfumes give me a headache, they make me sneeze, my skin crawl, scalp tingle. But from a distance the notion of a woman who smells pretty is a very appealing one.  Over the years I’ve been looking at boutique perfumes, as they tend to use higher quality ingredients and made in smaller batches. You won’t have someone saying to you, “Hey, are you wearing Old Spice?” Not that I would wear Old Spice, I dunno, it’s been a while.

When I was in London, I wanted to get something special, something that I wouldn’t find in the US… clothing seemed like the obvious choice, but while exploring the alleyways of Central London, I happened upon Avery, a perfumery with just a small collection of scents. The sales assistant, Asakala, helped walk me through the scents they had, the one catching my eye (nose?) was Fam by soOud. It’s a floral perfume with notes of chili, saffron, and oud wood giving it kick that I’ve never experienced with my nose, it had what they call… depth? Yet it is distinctly powdery fresh. It felt that it represented the complexity of my own nature, soft with a bite? It was then, I knew I had to have it.

Now I have to say, I’m hooked on unusual perfumes, that they have more depth than just smelling nice for that moment. What perfume do you wear, and what was it that made  you get it?