Red Lipstick to Brighten up A Rainy Day

It’s gross and rainy. This time, it’s not just gross and rainy, it’s also got this kind of chilly fall vibe. When it’s like that, I usually turn to red lipstick (as if we needed yet ANOTHER post about red!). Red lipstick was the first makeup I ever bought. It was Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door for $10. I had a friend who wore that lipstick and it was just the perfect shade. Since then, red lipstick has been the thing that could make any outfit look put together, and on days like today, it makes an otherwise sensible outfit come together as something special.

Lately, I’ve been wearing Lancome’s Color Fever, which is from a few years ago. I loved the color, but when it was new, it was too dewey and got on my teeth. Afraid to throw it away, I hung onto it, for some strange reason, and it must have aged well because now it stays on perfectly. Who knows? Talk about random lipstick stories!

Here, I’ve been experimenting with my new iPhone… since losing my old iPhone in a London cab… the new iPhone has some pretty amazing video apps, like Videolicious, I was able to put together this video in 30min… not bad if you ever had to put together video before!