Everything is Beautiful Like a Rainbow

Everything is beautiful. Especially if you’re in this cartoon sci fi meets reality mindset. I thought I was over with all things nu-rave, but elements keep coming back to me like a caffeine addiction. I love all the drippy black peeps have got going on now, but I miss splashes of color, bright colors. Ruffle of Hearts Little Snots on Etsy fill this void of color where sensibility crept in. Multi-color swimsuits that cover all the right places, out of this world geometric body suits and prism detailed dresses, many of which in true Etsy form can be made to order. I’m beginning to think that Etsy is by far one of the best value for your money apparel sites out there. Not to mention how fun it is to read some of the clothing descriptions:

‘I feel weird. I feel good. Im like: I have no fucking idea why its taken so long to release a new RHLS dress but the moment appeared like a perfect drip of morning dew, on the horizon of a Red Hook dilapidated sugar mill crane.’

Now that is beautiful.