Field of Dreams

Where have all the colors gone? These days, recession chic means practical clothing choices that go with everything. Often times that means neutral colors, neutrals, non-colors, muted palettes.  Which I love. But at the same time, colors make you look lovely. Little dots of joy and on beautiful summer days. One of my favorite bold colors to wear, besides red, is hot pink. With my coloring, I really can’t do a soft pink… I mean I can, but it’s not the best color for me.. Lately I’ve been noticing on my laundry drying rack, black grey, and pink for the past few weeks…

Here I’m mixing hot pink with another of my favorites (my favorite skirt) beige. You can’t really tell how the vibrancy of the pink in the photos, but it’s a nice vibrant pink.  I think it gives the a really nice balance between bold and subtle. Actually, this is just an excuse to show you this lovely top… some of you fabric people.. can you tell me what kind of top this is? Crochet? Embroidered? [UPDATE: Cut Embroidery thanks Wendygital! Lace? Either way, it’s from the flea market, and it’s absolutely perfect for summer.