Travel lite

Ok… I’m almost done packing, I’m only taking one of those small suitcases, so I can’t go crazy. And Hawaii is super mellow, so there is no over the top action going on. It just looks weird, like a tanned white person in England. ; ) But my dad is taking me out for my birthday dinner, so I have …

jennineTravel lite

Today’s Attire 02.28.07

Ok, I’ve been home pretty much in bed sick for the past two days. I’m going to Hawaii tomorrow, and it’s my birthday… tomorrow. Argh! So naturally I have to drag myself out to run the usual pre-holiday errands. It’s easier knowing tomorrow I’ll be in paradise. Hat: H&MSweater: SisleySweater dress: BCBGJeans: Levi’sBoots: NineWestFingerless gloves: Hand knit by Angel (thanks …

jennineToday’s Attire 02.28.07

Behavior Patterns

On Sunday, I was reading this article in the New York Times Magazine and it had some interesting commentary on patterns: Tastes have changed, too. When Chanel was designing her sleek suits in the 1920s, as fashion’s answer to the tubular steel furniture in Le Corbusier’s purist villas, the Modernist dream was to improve people’s lives by manufacturing millions of …

jennineBehavior Patterns

More Booty

Today I got a dress I won on eBay. It’s a vintage party dress with really cool embroidery on the collar and cuffs. It’s super comfy, and a lot of fun. Style Bytes has been writing about hot pink lately and it reminded me of the hot pink fishnet tights, I wore through most of college, they have a hole …

jennineMore Booty


Today, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I got that cold that’s been going around. So no, ‘Today’s Attire’ because I look like death. : ) I hope to get better soon, because I’m going to Hawaii on Thursday… my birthday! My dad and my good friend Carrie both live there, so I’ll be hanging out with them. And …


Kate stole my dress

The Oscars were so much fun to watch! Forest Whittaker totally stole the show…and Jennifer Hudson too! The whole thing was alot of fun… Kate Winslet wore one of my picks… the Valentino Couture! How fun! She looked great.I also had this in my lookbook on Style.com. Gweny looked great in Zac Posen…Cate Blanchett is very fashion forward in the …

jennineKate stole my dress

Sunday at the Mall

Between gabbing and coveting items I can’t afford and all the other lovely distractions malls have to offer… I noticed lots of great stylish people, This one I chased her down the escalator, this coat is amazing! She really loved telling the story about spending six months in Madrid, where she got this coat. She loves it, and we can …

jennineSunday at the Mall