La la la my life story…

My name is Jennine.
I was born in the 1970s Silicon Valley to young parents. There is nothing particularly special about my upbringing, except we moved around a lot.

Every since I was very small, I was keenly aware of clothing. All I wanted was to wear dresses and make up. I wanted to be like the women of All My Children. My first crush was on Cookie Monster. I don’t think about him much anymore, but I’m still in love with cookies.

My second love was poetry. As a teenager I imagined myself to be a writer. But I failed English, and well, I wasn’t into school too much, except art classes. I didn’t know how to draw, but I loved art, and faked it, pretty much until they let me into art college, but I didn’t make it there for quite a few years.

The early adult years were just filled with lots of experimenting, places to live, jobs, hair colors, music scenes… you name it. I was married once, for love. And left to because I didn’t know who I was.

These last five years, I’ve spent doing a lot of soul searching, and living life. Right now, I’m a graphic designer…. It’s been wonderful at times and difficult at times, pretty much what life is like for everyone else. The last few years, I adopted two cats, who like to play, and I’ve started this blog.

Things couldn’t be better.

jennineLa la la my life story…

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