Umbrella Policy

For Some Reason I can’t walk out of the house with a boring umbella. I tried it once, a $5 black one from Walgreens. But it made me self concious. I used to have a Liberty print umbrella for years. It finally disinigrated. Now I have one from H&M. It’s cool, but It may not last the season.

These are ones I would think about getting: Pear Print Umbrella for £38.00. Which should be around $80 nowadays. It’s nice!

Also I found pare*umbrella which has beautiful umbrellas, that look well made…

The lace, lace lace! umbrella… is so girly. It would make me feel as if I was carrying a parasol, waiting for a gentleman to put his cloak over a puddle so my feet dont’ get wet.

jennineUmbrella Policy

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  1. fairiecool

    I looooovve your blog. Happy dressing is so cool and so is your commentary, especially on umbrellas.

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