Gentlemen on a Saturday afternoon

It’s time to get more men on my blog. I saw this cat, having coffee at Peets. Dang.. I have never seen this use of a tie, it’s way cool, and the whole ‘man in black’ is just nothing less than awesome…

This guy was rocking out with a GREEN GUITAR on the corner of California and Van Ness… duh, it’s where Guitar Center is… but he was just having the best time. I had to get a photo of him. I particularly dig his James Dean squint thing he’s got going there.

Since I’ve been on a roll with men this morning… which is odd, because I’m in my gym clothes, and no makeup… not looking my best…and I’m usually scared to talk to them… Anyway I see this guy with the cutest black and white dog. I mean, if I didn’t love my cat, Stella so much, I’d get a dog just like this one! This man, has great style for casual attire. Which is hard for men to do, but he’s really got it.

jennineGentlemen on a Saturday afternoon

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  1. d. chedwick bryant

    you have some nice friendly looking gents in your neighborhood. well dressed of course, too.

  2. White Shoes

    Thanks for stopping me on my saturday morning- I’m the gent with the Border Collie, Chloe.
    My girlfriend was quick to want to take credit for some of this wardrobe, where some credit is due, assiting in selecting the jacket and all white tennis shoes nabbed in stores while in paris-
    Chloe wears those colors all season. Shes an all season kind of dog-

  3. Jennine

    Ah, Chloe is very fashionable, as black and white is pretty hot this season. Good on her!
    As for you, white shoes! You’re lucky to have a girlfriend who’s good at picking out men’s clothes, and you for having the good sense to wear them! : )

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