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Sunday at the Mall

Between gabbing and coveting items I can’t afford and all the other lovely distractions malls have to offer… I noticed lots of great stylish people, This one I chased her down the escalator, this coat is amazing! She really loved telling the story about spending six months in Madrid, where she got this coat. She loves it, and we can tell. : )

This lady is cute as a button! She may have been a foriegn exchange student because she didn’t really understand what I was trying to take the photo for, and the American family she was with, were trying to tell her it was ok. Oh dear! I love this sweet patterened dress, and the white shoes. White shoes have been the object of my obsession lately. So of course I have to catch someone wearing them!

I’m still SoCal girl at heart I gotta spend some time in the mall. Luckily in this town we have a fancy mall… with a nice food court.

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