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Ok… I’m almost done packing, I’m only taking one of those small suitcases, so I can’t go crazy. And Hawaii is super mellow, so there is no over the top action going on. It just looks weird, like a tanned white person in England. ; )

But my dad is taking me out for my birthday dinner, so I have to have a conservative nice dress. I found a basic black wrap dress at H&M over the weekend $25! Also, I needed a sunhat and a large tote I can take to the beach, from Old Navy, zebra print tote was $7.50, hat $12.50. Everything else, I already owned. Of course, I can’t go anywhere without at least four pairs of shoes. Luckily in Hawaii, everyone wears flip flops, and the locals won’t let you wear shoes indoors, so don’t go to Hawaii sans flip flops.

I’m really looking forward to visiting my dad and step-mom and my friend Carrie. Ok, gotta finish packing.

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