Friday Nite: Pink Dress

Tonight I’m going to see a band play… just thought I’d wear one of my highly visible dresses. This was a great find at Mascara Vintage on Polk Street. Oh, speaking of mascara, I have to put my make up on, have a good night, loves!

jennineFriday Nite: Pink Dress

Booty: High-waisted jeans

Just got my new high-waisted jeans! Yay! I love the pocket detail. They could be tighter, but I like the trouser-like fit.

jennineBooty: High-waisted jeans


Recently, I went to a clothing exchange, and there were some jump suits that were just, weird. But honestly, I’d like a one-piece that’s not a dress. I found this linen jumper on Alloy for $32.50. Hmm… I may get it, but perhaps that’s my inner Steve Irwin talking.


Shoe D’Jour: Gold Cons

Ok, so I’ve made a couple of posts that feature converse. But I just found I lost one of my cons. So, in my desk drawer, there is one pink con. : ( That means two things: 1. I only have one wearable pair, and 2. it’s time for a new pair… My first day blogging, I saw this guy …

jennineShoe D’Jour: Gold Cons

Rush Hour: Montgomery

I just love her jacket! It’s so cute! Also, brown boots with denim mini. I may wear a version of that over the weekend.

jennineRush Hour: Montgomery

Today’s Attire: Friday

It’s lovely and sunny out, I didn’t particularly feel like waking up, but here I am. Friday’s are usuall more casual, and often times I wear jeans. Lately I’ve been wanting to be more comfortable and relaxed with my wardrobe. A jacket with some stretch in it, really helps because it looks sharp but it’s not restricting. Jacket: Forever21Blouse: TheoryJeans: …

jennineToday’s Attire: Friday

Today’s Attire: Thursday

I left my cable at home, so today’s attire is kind of late… I got this white dress a few weeks ago, and I love it, it’s so comfy! My pinstripe jacket and medallion have kind of become the basic framework holding my ‘look’ together. Jacket: David MeisterDress: H&MNecklace: eBayShoes: Colin Stuart (from Victoria’s Secret online)

jennineToday’s Attire: Thursday