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Yogurt & Honey Mask

My skin. My skin has been the subject of my own personal anxiety, oh since I was about 13. The world of skin care is really confusing with all the bottles and potions, treatments and remedies. Kezia, has beautiful skin, one of her hobbies (mine too!) is wandering around Walgreen’s looking at various skincare products. She also knows lots of home remedies that are easy, inexpensive and work really well for people with sensitive skin. I asked her to come over to my apartment today to show me how to do it.

Two masks can be done in a row, are so simple, it’s amazing!


Properties of honey are it’s a natural antiseptic/anti-bacterial, so it’s helpful for blemishes. It’s also a moisturizer and it calms and soothes the skin. Instructions: Apply to face, lean backwards, as honey tends to drip. Leave on from 5min-30min depending on how you feel. Remove with washcloth.

Yogurt masks are very Eastern European, where skincare is passed down from generation to generation. Yogurt is cooling and calming for the skin, it’s also a probiotic, and it’s good for sensitive skin. It’s best to use plain, organic, whole milk yogurt. Instructions: Apply to face, leave on for about 5 minutes. Remove with washcloth.

Afterwards your skin will feel soft and healthy. A great thing to do on a lazy Sunday or a quiet weeknight!

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  1. YUMMI… i like home remedies a lot! i’ll try out the yoghurt - sounds perfect for me.

    funnily, on your flickr someone said ‘i also had this for breakfast today’

    Posted by Fenke | December 11, 2007, 11:23 pm

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