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Lunch hour: Financial District

I like this lady’s haircut, grey suit, red bag and boots!I spotted her from across the street! I ran across, and upon closer inspection, it was my friend Lelan, who’s style I admire greatly!She’s got great bicycle attire! Love the red bag and haircut! I’m having fringe envy.

Shoe D’Jour: I got my eyelet on you

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. These little shoes, are so darn cute. They are from Alloy. If only I had little white gloves and a bonnet.

Celebrity Wednesday : Katie Holmes

Since I’m on this high-waisted kick, this week’s pick is Katie Holmes. Yeah, yeah, she’s been in the tabloids, and I’m kind of scared of the Scientology people. But I do like Katie’s flowy blouse, sharp pencil skirt, delicate fishnets… I also like how her skirt is below the knee. I mean, I like mini’s, [...]

Trio on California Street

I saw these guys on my way home. They looked like they were just having a good time!

Little Britches

I just thought I’d sign out for the day with these Karen Walker Amelia Pants from Le Train Blue. Today I got my Victoria’s Secret High Waisted Jeans, and I love them. They are so feminine and different. They have to be hemmed, and I’ll show you guys when I get them back from the [...]

Event: Macy’s Shoe Diva Party 3.29.07

Macy’s San Francisco, and C Magazine is having a runway show of thier newest designer shoes. There will be music, hor d’oeuvres, and wine, plus you recieve a $50 Macy’s gift card if you spend $250 or more on shoes. (See invite for details). If you’re interested in going email me at wearecoveted@gmail.com and [...]

1940’s Yellow Dress

Since I’m obsessed with the 40’s theme lately, even I know I know the 20’s are hot. But I gotta tell you, doing what works for you is better than doing what other people tell you is hot. Way better!
I just adore this pretty circle dress from Debutante Clothing. It’s $129 and I think it’s [...]

Shoe D’Jour: Red Boots

It may not be boot season, or maybe the tail end of it. Or you may live in a city that has colder summers than winters, but when I saw these red ankleboots from ShoeBiz, they just had to make it into the Shoe D’Jour. ShoeBiz is probably the first shoe shop I ever fell [...]

Today’s Attire: Tuesday

Oh dear… that’s a wierd picture of myself. Actually the thought of taking pictures of myself, is kind of strange. Today is Tuesday, it’s chilly and crisp outside, sunny… I still have been over sleeping lately, but over all it’s great to be alive! Last night I stuck some insoles in my shoe-boots, and they [...]

Booty… Vanity Size Shoes?

I got these shoe-boots or booties in the mail today… I ordered them last week. I like them alot, they’re really cool, and exactly what I thought they would be, but they’re too big.
Since I was probably 12 or 13 years old I’ve been a 7.5. Apparently your feet are supposed to grow as you [...]


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