Inspiration: Maya Bird

by jennine on April 23, 2007

I found Maya Bird on Flickr, she made this dress, and of course being obsessed with white dresses, handmade dresses, and cool people, I looked through her photos, and noticed some beautiful drawings. It inspired thoughts of art (my first true love) and fashion, their each other, and to us.

This week, I am going to interview 5 artists…

The Coveted: Can you explain to us, the inspiration behind your illustrations?
Maya Bird: for me, art is about creating a world which i can escape into, a place where everything is perfect and everyone understands me and everything is beautiful, soft, subtle, and sweet. every time i put pencil to paper its about entering my world, creating characters, drawing people i wish i knew, clothes i wish i owned, etc.

TC: What do you consider your most creative piece? How long did it take to complete? How did you feel about it?

MB: i did a really great comic about a boy dyeing his hair once, i think i was `5. those were some of the best drawings i’ve ever done. it took me a couple of weeks and i actually never finished it. i look back at it now and still wished i had such a passion for drawing as i did then.

TC: What inspires you?
MB: i love art deco, i love fashion, i love comic books. i love illustrations.
TC: Who is your hero?
MB: my art hero(s) is(are) probably bas jan ader (if you dont know of him all ready, you should research him, his life/vision is amazing/mysterious). also just young kids that are out there constantly drawing and creating, street artists, etc.

TC: Where can we find you?
MB: that’s the only other website i’m on! ha. thanks!

Illlustrations from top: pout and coat1 both by Maya Bird

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