Today’s Attire: Vest

by jennine on April 23, 2007

It’s gorgeous today. I mean really gorgeous out. for some reason, nothing celebrates beautiful days like wearing white. Lately I have been inspired to integrate men’s clothing into my wardrobe. A few of my friends, Leonor wears vests so well, and in high school, my friend Jeana wore men’s clothing in a very feminie way (she doesn’t anymore, but stil very stylish!). I found this vest at a thrift store, the buttons say YSL, and so does the silk, but there’s no tag, so I’m not sure if it’s authentic. I love it just the same though.

Shades & Blouse: H&M
Vest: YSL
Bangle: Forever21
Tank: Old Navy
Cords: Gap
Bag: Bobby Smith Vintage
Shoes: Marc Jacobs

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