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Coveted Reader: Basquiat Kickz

I’m always delighted to get emails, and to read comments from the ether… And even more so, when I get pictures related to posts here on The Coveted. Kasik (in Dublin, Ireland), this lovely young woman above, purchased a pair of Reebok Basquiat-inspired hi-tops, a Shoe D’Jour posted a few weeks ago. You know, they look great. I love the legwarmers too! And the sandwich… hehe, that’s probably a Tesco Sandwich from the looks of it. I ate those for 3 years.

If The Coveted has inspired you… please send a photo!
: )

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One comment for “Coveted Reader: Basquiat Kickz”

  1. wow what a sexy chick

    Posted by tomasz | April 28, 2007, 12:52 pm

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