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Note Remixed…

Lately I’ve been posting Today’s Attire on Wardrobe_Remix. It’s been seriously addictive, and very inspirational to look at other people’s attire on a daily basis. Bits and Bobbins (the moderator of the group) posted the wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week and she picked one of my outfits! I’m tickled pink!
Also, on another not so interesting note. [...]

Inspiration: Eric Sæter

Looking through Eric Sæter’s Flickr site is like taking a tour through a world of beautiful people. The majority of the work is photographic, and the illustrations, well they have a fire about them that really truly reminds me why photography can never really take over.
The Coveted: Can you explain to us, the inspiration [...]

Today’s Attire : Over the top

Yep, my outfit is very comfortable today. It’s also a little over the top (for corporate America). My hair is in a high side-pony, sporting vintage 90’s old lady blouse, and my two-tone oxfords, which didn’t make it into the pic… woops. I really love the print on the blouse though, and it’s lined with [...]


Last night I went to the CCA Gala & Threads Fashion Show… more thoughts on that later… waiting outside I spotted this lady wearing the shorts and a ruched front blouse. And thigh high stockings! Very sexy, and not slutty. Which is my aspiration!

Shoe D’Jour: Turning Japanese

Oh dear… I accidentally posted these today (yes, I keep a back-log of shoe d’jours!) was going to save them for another day, but what’s done is done… and here we are. I saw Eley Kishimoto’s line a while back, but was brought to his shoes, only by fellow blogger madamoiselle sigùrn… She picked a [...]

Inspiration: Ruth Veres

Ruth Veres, an Austrian design student, is one of those people who are just intrinsically creative in everything she does. Just looking through her Flickr pages you can see this wonderful world created by this amazing black haired doll with rosy cheeks. I love that she’s made herself an icon in life and in pictures.
The [...]

Shoe D’Jour: Oxford pumps

Oh my… I am in love with these shoes. They are quite possibly the most perfect shoe I have purchased… They stand to the test of walking the mile to work, over a steep hill, sidewalks, streets, concrete. How many 3.75″ heels can do that?Lumaini Epic, $149.00

Today’s Attire: Two-toned

I got my long awaited shoes yesterday… two-toned oxford pumps… i love them. A lot. So not knowing for sure how to dress them up, I decided to go with a feminine dress and scarf.
Glasses, tights, scarf: H&MDress: Esprit (I miss you!)Bangle: Forever21Earrings: I made them…Shoes: Lumiani

Inspiration: Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson can be found by browsing Flickr, one of my new favorite places to look for inspiration. It’s wonderful to see people exhibit their creative talents, works in progress, and random ephemera. I love Kate’s subconscious memory type quality, elements are very distinct, like the woman eating a cookie… ‘I saw this woman eating [...]

Today’s Attire : Strictly Business

This is about as businessey as I get… Does it count when you’re wearing gold shoes?
Jacket: Forever21Blouse: TheorySkirt: H&MTights: SpanxShoes: Franco Satrto