Victorian Beauties

Ah… how long can a girl go on about her hair? When I find out, I’ll let you know. I was thinking of going for the bob, until in my quest for hair styles, I came across this Victorian Hair essay by Michael Warner. It’s just beautiful the images he selected, and inspires me to try a more naturalistic attitude …

jennineVictorian Beauties

Today’s Attire : Hopeful

I’ve been feeling rather post-modern recently. In college, I didn’t really know what that meant, even though I had to write papers about it. It’s an attitude really. It’s interesting feeling the 21st century take its shape, with global warming, health issues, the Internet. Influence, inspiration, it’s all a beautiful and horrific mish-mash. Some style inspirations are people I interact …

jennineToday’s Attire : Hopeful

Booty: Budget Shopping Spree

Summer sales are in full force… I got a bit of extra cash, so I decided to do a little shoppingPink sweater: H&M $14.97White skirt: Gap $43.00T-shirt: Walgreens: $2.99 (I customized it by cutting off the sleeves and collar)Shorts: H&M $9.95Cardigan: Gap: $25.00Spandex tube: H&M: $4.97Khakis: Gap: $12.95Total: $113.83

jennineBooty: Budget Shopping Spree

Emerging Designer: Cristalette

If you mention Cristalette, around the SF local fashion scene and you’ll get a response like “Oh! Cris Armijo! She’s lovely!” I’ve never met her in person, but I certainly like her fashion sense, the bold colors, fierce patterns and sexy cuts. A few weeks ago, I posted about a fashion show she was doing, that’s when we got in …

jennineEmerging Designer: Cristalette

Today’s Attire : Going Stag

I’m wearing my favorite skirt today. Its got a stag on it…: )

jennineToday’s Attire : Going Stag

Good Jeans

The other day I was feeling blue, so I had the great idea to look for new jeans. Since for some strange reason, I’ve never really scoped out the new Bloomingdales, I went to see their jeans selection. All I wanted were high-waisted skinny jeans. Like the ones pictured above from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly… I didn’t …

jennineGood Jeans

Denim Doc…

Current.tv is a website were you can make your own documentaries and submit them and it’s good, and people like it, they’ll play it on the station. I dont’ have cable, so I don’t know if the channel is very good, but the website is lots of fun. I found this documentary on denim, and found it pretty informational, there’s …

jennineDenim Doc…