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Mark Twain was right…

“The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.”
It’s Memorial Day weekend. I imagine other people are water skiing on a lake somewhere. But when you live in a place that’s cool in the summer, like San Francisco, or if you live on a coast with a Marine Layer, [...]

Back to Nature….

Amy Stein is awesome. Her work is surreal and cinematic it sits on the edge of playfulness and uneasiness… When I saw this photo, I thought, “holy crap, that’s EXACTLY why I don’t live in the suburbs” I’m kidding. Sort of.“My photographs explore our paradoxical relationship with the “wild” and how our conflicting impulses continue [...]

The Birds

What else can I say about Karen Walker Jewelry except it’s a joy to scroll through the website, and covet her whimsical pieces. I love it.

Today’s Attire : Much needed

A stretch… it’s cold, like, just in time for a 3 day weekend.Aye… well today is all about comfort & cozy.
Sweater: TseShades&shoes: VintageTunic: ThrifedJeans: Victoria’s Secret


Orly Cogan’s work with embroidery had got me thinking of feminine traditions and of my own heritage. My mother is Native American and she was adopted into a white family as a baby. About ten years ago, her birth family contacted her, and it’s been great to have a sense of where we came from. [...]

Today’s Attire: Circle, circle, dot, dot…

Now I have my cootie shot! And thank heaven! With all those boys walkin’ around…
Circle earrings: H&MDot skirt: Marc JacobsButton-up: DKNYTank: Old NavyJacket: Forever21Shoes: Aurthur ChiangBrooch: Hierloom

Shoe D’Jour : Jewel

These are lovely, like a space-age roman empress in a 1960’s epic movie.Twelfth Street Patty Flat w/Jewel, $220

Inspiration: Orly Cogan

Orly Cogan’s “Wonder of You” show at Steven Wolf Gallery. The show is a series of embroidery on vintage fabrics, natural and fantastic scenes of sex and cake and other things. The subject matter articulates the post-modern feminine condition (which is at best a confusing paradoxical mess) in an honest and whimsical way. It’s [...]

No time to…

You can’t have an article about Orly Cogan without mentioning Locher’s, a Parisian label. Designed by Swiss naughty & nice Nichole Locher, this year’s line is ‘preverted with a touch of class’. Each blouse is embroidered with a little saying, that, well, you’re mum wouldn’t wear, and probably make your grandmother blush. Heck, some of [...]

Today’s Attire: Lipstick Dress

It’s a gorgeous day. I’m wearing a Bebe dress I love for it’s little lipsticks… but normally wear with layers. I feel a bit exposed, but it’s summer, and everyone is a little.
Glasses: H&MScarf: GiftJacket: Forever21Dress: BebeShoes: 2Prima