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Booty: Blingtastic

On a lighter note… Back in Jennineworld…
A couple of months ago, I started looking for a ring. For some reason, I really wanted a nice right-hand ring that I could wear. Ok, the reason is obvious, a girl’s gotta have some bling, and I haven’t been dating for a very long time, so getting one from a suitor is kind of out of the question. Besides, a ring that I get myself is probably a big sign of independence and personal power.

Ok, I don’t make enough money to land a 7carat rock on my right hand, but I am able to swing a 22k gold plated crytal ring. This one form Swarovski is lovely it’s big and sparkly and it’s got a 2 year waranty, so if any of the stones fall out, they’ll take care of it. Which is good to know. And the price isn’t bad either…. Cloe Gold Ring, $125

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  1. ou! that’s nice

    Posted by Candid Cool | June 6, 2007, 7:19 pm

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