Chic Boutiques: Cris

by jennine on June 25, 2007

Cris is a consignment boutique on Polk Street in San Francisco. They don’t do any advertising, and they’ve been in business, well, for years… if you mention Cris to any stylish woman living in Nob Hill or Russian Hill, you’ll get some story about a great find, a Longchamp bag, or how that’s where they sold their Marc Jacobs blouse. They all know Cris, the owner, she’s an incredibly chic Italian woman, very private, quiet, feminine, kind.

Every week Cris changes the window display, and every week I’m fully impressed. All of the garments are for sale, none of them are the latest season, but the way she arranges the outfits, the layers, the textures, the patterns, it’s style… not fashion. One afternoon she sat down with me to talk about style… Chris is most inspired by the people she sees on the street, reading fashion magazines, kind of the same places we all get inspiration from. “It’s wonderful to see young people do their own thing. You don’t always have to like it, but you have to admire it, it’s art.”

The most important thing I took from our conversation was the notion that inspiration is everywhere, and fashion won’t change your life… both happiness and style, it has to come from the inside.

Cris • 2056 Polk St (@ Broadway) • San Francisco, CA

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