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Streets of SF: Summer Cozies

Ok, ok, I know, I really am quite aware that the rest of the world has summer in full swing. You guys get cold at nite though? Do you? Please say yes. Well, here, it’s pretty much skitzophrenic as far as weather is concerned, so you’ll need your sweater handy all year ’round. I love how these two women look, one with a cream cropped cardi, and a linen tunic. The woman to the left has a really wonderful hot pink skirt that has details in it that set it apart from you know, your average hot pink skirt. I just love how relaxed both of thier outfits are, it’s really connects with my mood as of late.

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One comment for “Streets of SF: Summer Cozies”

  1. oh that lady has a CAMPER bag, they have cute comfortable shoes~

    Posted by Sara | July 1, 2007, 9:35 am

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