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Today’s Attire: Another White Dress

My white obsession continues. When will it end? Not sure… Putting myself up online every day makes me a little self-concscious about how it looks when I obsess.
This one is a vintage deadstock from the 70’s interpreation of a 1920’s dress.

Streets of SF: Summer Tweed & Satin

I wasn’t going to post this until later, but on my way in to work today, I noticed this woman walking down the street… I think it was the balloon sleeves and the long sweater coat. I love the mix! Especially the red accessories, it’s perfect! Tweed is probably my favorite fabric, every year, in [...]

Color Play

I’ve just recently found Preen Magazine. Holy moly. I love it. I love what they are about… for the young independent woman with a curatorial eye for the world around….Here are a few images from the magazine that I particularly like. White outfits may be one of my obsessions, but lately I have [...]

Streets of SF: Paradox

I just love paradoxes. Unexpected twists, and turns are really what I covet the most, even more beauty, almost. Here this woman is a beautiful paradox. I’m pretty much grown out of the whole punk obsession, but with a black fitted suit, and leopard print handbag, the spirit of this ensemble is lovely and [...]

Today’s Attire : Blade Runner

Lately, images and ideas from Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? have been floating through my head. Well for various reasons:

1. I love aesthetic it’s classic, the 1980’s spin on a futuristic 1940’s. It’s almost like the idea of reconstructed vintage.
Also I’m fascinated by the duality of the doe-eyed Sean Young [...]

Streets of SF: Acid Wash

It’s been so long since I’ve done a street fashion post, and frankly, I miss doing it. It’s nice to meet real people and be outside in the world. Yesterday I took a whole bunch, and I’m going to share them with you this week. Who knows? Maybe I’ll try to make this a [...]

Today’s Attire : Blanc Stare

It’s Monday. My white obsession continues as I found this embroidered linen dress at Crossroads for $12.50. Elizabeth said it’s a very Southern thing to wear white linen in the summer. I don’t know from experience, but it sounds nice!
Also, I’ve been having computer issues, and time issues, and trying to get my life in [...]

Evolving Identity

In case you haven’t noticed, it looks a little different around here. There might be a few more changes, so please bare with me… and thanks so much for visiting in the first place!
Big hug and kiss! ~Jennine

Chic Boutiques: Cris

Cris is a consignment boutique on Polk Street in San Francisco. They don’t do any advertising, and they’ve been in business, well, for years… if you mention Cris to any stylish woman living in Nob Hill or Russian Hill, you’ll get some story about a great find, a Longchamp bag, or how that’s where they [...]

Shoe D’Jour : Love

Yesterday, I was in Nieman Marcus to look around, see what designer clothes look like in person. And of course, being me, I had to look at shoes. Coming from a reformed shoe snob (I used to only wear designer shoes) I came across these. Balenciaga’s SS07 shoes… they were originally $965, but marked down [...]