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Fur (the faux kind)

Today I’ve been taking it easy. Been feeling a bit headachey and queasy, so today, I stayed home from work and slept. I left the house to pick up some movies and the gravitational pull of the thrift shoppe pulled me in. (I guess I’m never too sick to shop) I did find a faux [...]

My Ideal Self

Yesterday on Style Alchemy, a post about WunderKind’s AW 07 collection resonated instantly with me. This collection made me think of what I aspire to in my personal style. There is nothing outrageous or gaudy about this collection, but it’s also very artful and beautiful. There are graceful lines and it’s sprinkled with play…. I [...]

Today’s Attire : White

It’s still grey and drizzly out, last night I crashed out watching some crime show… so this morning I’m all about comfort… thank god for drop-waited dresses!

Designers who love us….

Yesterday I received an email from designer, Gail Schneider, who makes these lovely embellished tank tops. She expressed her anger regarding SF Fashion Week’s decision to exclude bloggers:

Hi Jennine,
I was enraged that you were denied access to the SF Fashion week. As a fashion designer myself, I depend liked bloggers such as [...]

DIY : Designer Balloon

Last week when I posted about my inner ‘red balloon‘… I wasn’t sure if it was a fashion related post. Is it merely my perception, or are there a growing number of balloons that aren’t just for kids? Last summer on SHOWstudio, Gareth Pugh, contributing editor, submitted a balloon pattern for FASH-OFF… where people sewed [...]

Анна Волкова (Anna Volkova)

Since I seem to be in the habit of looking for style in subtly less-than-obvious places… one stylist/fashion editor, Anna Volkova is probably the most difficult to access because all the information I can find on her is in Russian or Latvian (I can’t find any online free translators to get the generate broken English). [...]

Today’s Attire : Life

Not all my mornings are sunny in disposition… this one has been riddled with self doubt and worry. Perhaps it’s from a lack of sleep, caffeine, breakfast and anti-depressants…. took this photo as a single shot, and I found it really striking how my emotions seemed to surface in this photo, so I’m leaving [...]

Inspired Attire : Turquoise Suede Skirt

On Sunday my friend Jessica gave me a bag of clothes, I was really excited, because I’m trying not to buy more clothes. On the top of the bag was this turquoise suede skirt with a fringe. Jessica’s sister Jennifer gave me a sideways look, and told me I didn’t have to like it. [...]


Of all our senses there is nothing more intimate than the sense of smell. Nothing more personal, and nothing more fleeting, and hard to explain. We can recreate costumes, act out dramas, watch films, listen to iPods, but experience a facsimile of a scent is not something technology has brought to us. Perhaps reserving [...]

Target run

Sunday my friend and I went down to Target. It’s really not a place one can go unsupervised. Everytime I go alone, for laundry detergent, I end up in a panic attack because my cart is full of things ‘I actually need’ and I’m about to drop three digits. So needless to say, I try [...]