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Streets of SF: SFFW

One of the reasons why I wanted to go to Fashion Week was to see the people who attend. It’s really great to see what people wear to go out, especially when they are dressing with fashion in mind. This woman’s jacket really stood out, the threading and the cut are so artful and [...]

Black is the new black

Here’s the first image from SFFW…. My favorite part of the show was the Emerging Stars section. I’m not sure who designed this dress… the Emerging Stars are a selection of students whose brief was to redesign the ‘little black dress’ with a distinctive San Francisco flair. Which was a great brief, and seeing all [...]

Today’s Attire : Off to Fashion Week…

Ok, I’m off to fashion week… running late, but just to let you know what I’m wearing:
Top: Naik FurSkirt: Jill Sander (found in thrift shoppe for $15!!)Shoes… I can’t read the label, but they’re from LF Boutique on Union StreetEarrings : Tatty Devine or if you live Stateside, Eden & Eden also carries them.
I’m so [...]

Tiery eyed question…

Yesterday Aidan (who brought us the The Frock) and I went vintage shopping, at Mixed Use in North Beach, I found this pink & white tiered number. I’m telling you, it is love. So much so, that I need to have more tiered attire in my wardrobe! The black mini, I got at thrifting [...]


Yesterday, Daily Candy send out an email about the Podoll Collection…. I own a Josh Podoll t-shirt, and love it! I had no idea that this San Francisco-based husband wife team had such a fabulous collection.

Genevieve Primavera

Tomorrow, Genevieve Primavera will be showing it’s Spring 2008 Collection at San Francisco Fashion Week. Mary Elizabeth Primavera first made contact with The Coveted in response to the blogger controversy and invited us along into SF Fashion Week. Here she let’s us in on her thoughts about fashion, family, and overcoming chanllenges…
The Coveted: What have [...]

The Coveted in the local paper…

A little over a month ago, I discovered that SF Fashion Week chose to deny all bloggers free press passes to the event. Tomorrow marks the first day of Fashion Week, they haven’t changed their minds about bloggers. On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned The Coveted! Yay! Press! The tone is a bit snarky, [...]

Today’s Attire : Tango

Tango dancing… it looks so cool. The World Tango Competition is taking place in Argentina right now, and the finals will be this weekend. I wish I could dance, and I can, but it would take a very patient teacher and a lot of dedication to get me to learn. Crossing the street without [...]

Working on it…

Today, The Coveted has been in existence for six months. Six months ago, I was obsessed with blogs. I read them every day, mostly Style Bubble and Style Bytes, which at that point had already transformed my life. At that time I did not consider myself a knowledgeable person in regards to style and fashion [...]

Today’s Attire : Lady

Lately I seem to be on a high waisted kick. I think after all the new volume, I was beginning to feel like a slob in a tunic or muu muu. Yesterday I pulled my pencil skirt way up to my ribs, and I really liked the way it made me feel. Today, I’m just [...]