Today’s Attire : North

I guess the Yeti got to me… with plaid and red beret, I feel like this is what French Canadians look like. Ha ha… just kidding MTL Street… actually, like a typical American, I get all my knowledge of French Canadians from old episodes of Kids in the Hall. (don’t kill me) Anyway, it’s hard to tell from the photos …

jennineToday’s Attire : North

Shoe D’Jour: 80′s purple

Mascara Vintage is one of my regular stops in my neighborhood. Cara got in some new goodies, and I snagged these ones almost before I even tried them on. I mean come on, cut-out booties, with zipper, in electric purple? Stilettos? $30? Holy moly…. I can’t wait to wear them…

jennineShoe D’Jour: 80′s purple

Yeti Embroidery

The fantastical world Megan Whitmarsh makes me so envious of the imagination of others. Who knew Yeti’s wore snow boots, shot rainbow laser prisims from their hands and played boomboxes so others could breakdance? Awesome. Not only are they considerate, but super cool. Heh, it’s these kinds of applications of craft that makes me want to take up some home …

jennineYeti Embroidery

Moody hues

Mert & Marcus do it again. They are my favorite fashion photographers. Yesterday browsing through Foto Decadent, I came to the realization that the brilliance of these photographers is really something that over time, really just develops. It’s much harder than pointing and shooting to communicate an emotion, and in fashion photography, it’s easy to get jaded from flipping through …

jennineMoody hues

Jil Sander SS08

Amazing use of color, form and I just love those ultra sheer silk poncho things… He’s breakin’ my heart!

jennineJil Sander SS08

Classic Attire

I once read a story about a woman who coveted the style of one of her co-workers who seemed to always wear the classic in a white skirt. She went on this epic search of finding this ‘perfect’ white skirt, and could never seem to get it right. When she finally broke down and asked the woman how she managed …

jennineClassic Attire

Today’s Attire : Menswear inspired…

While my camera is at the factory getting itself fixed, I’m having people take my photo. This one is by Aidan on her camera phone…. I felt weird posing, and looking serious, it’s not really my normal interactive state. But today, I have decided to integrate some menswear inspired clothing, the color pallet (you cant tell by the pic) is …

jennineToday’s Attire : Menswear inspired…