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Interview with Mori & Mimosa

Mori & Mimosa are a Swedish design duo Christina Wemming and Sara Engberg. They remind me of an ice cream swirl, two distinctive elements made into one. Christina designs the clothes and Sara designs the jewelery, yet they work together so well. Here they talk about working together, and traveling to Japan…

The Coveted: How did you two meet and start Mori & Mimosa?
Christina: We met at a fair, a little more than two years ago. I was looking for somebody to share my studio with and as it happened Sara was looking for a studio. We took part in a fashion exhibition and had a fashion show together. Our intention was not to work together, neither of us are “group people” but I found really easy collaborating with Sara, so why not do it!? Last spring I got my second invitation to go to Tokyo International Fashion Fair, but I didn’t feel like going the by myself once more, so I suggested that we apply as a designer duo. Sara thought it was a great idea so we decided that we should go if we got one of the grants that we applied for. We got a grant from IASPIS (International Artists Studio Program in Sweden) so we could go, but we had to find a name for orselves as a duo and we came up with mori & mimosa. Mori taken from “Memento mori” (Sara had made a collection called mori, with skulls) and mimosa, happens to be both our favorite flower and also as a good light weight contrast to the more serious “mori“. Mori & mimosa also sounds good when saying it and it looks good in writing.
TC: Mori & Mimosa makes very feminine clothing with a soft silhouette, mixed with plexi jewelry, where the did inspiration come from?

C: That question is aways kind of hard to answer, but I’ve realised that I actually get inspired by fabric, fabric that feels good, high quality stuff, but finding good fabric is really difficult in Sweden… so I travel, mostly to Japan to get what I like and to get inspiration. I think that combining Sara’s jewelry and my clothes is really good because they complement each other, and kind of amplify each other.
S: I find inspiration in everyday life, things that happen to me and things I see around me. My ideas are often conceptual in the sense that there are lots of thoughts behind them, thoughts that I need to do something with. I was obsessed with death for a while, because my mother died. So I made loads of skulls. And it helped! It’s a way of being, I think, or even a way of surviving; I’ve always had this need to process everything that happens to me into some kind of artistic expression. It doesn’t have to be jewelry-the same ideas could have ended up as drawings, poems, a video or anything. It’s all basically the same.

TC: Is your clothing line a reflection of your personal style? Is Stockholm in there?
S: I always imagine someone else wearing the jewellery that I’m creating. I rarely make anything for myself, actually. Although I do wear some of the pieces quite frequently, especially the black and white ones. Stockholm is probably in there somewhere, but it’s not obvious, I think, at least not to us! Perhaps it would be easier to see for a foreign visitor. We often feel that we would fit better somewhere else, but we’re not sure exactly where.
C: It’s a reflection of what I wish my personal style was more like… ;) When I wear my own design I always wear it with anything that has more of an edge to it, I need some kind of clash to make it me. :). Like Sara said about Stockholm, it’s probably in there, but I could never tell how or what it would be.

TC: Earlier this year you went to Japan… tell us about that trip…

C: Going to Tokyo was, as always, great! I was there for three weeks. It gives me so much inspiration because there I can find the things I’ve been dreaming about. Everything is there and it feels like everything is possible there! I really like big cities, at least the ones that are organized. :) Staying at a friends house also made the trip so much better, I like staying at a place for sometime rather than moving around too much and I like to pretend that it’s my home. I also like to explore places by bike and this time I was able to use my friends bike! It is absolutely fantastic to move around Tokyo on a bike! :) I really recommend that! Of course I bought some fabric for our coming collection “Hawaiian Mirage” and ate a lot of delicious Japanese food. :) I always gain weight whenever I travel, cause I like to try new food, candy anything that is edible really!
S: I had the perfect guide (Christina), showing me the way to the best street life, shopping, and those fantastic, HUGE craft supplies stores that almost made me feel dizzy when I entered… All those things, it’s breathtaking!
TC: Do you each have a favorite item of clothing? What is it?
C: I really love dresses, even though I don’t wear them very often. When I was a child I wore dresses all the time, my grandmother who was a seamstress made them for me. :) What I’m almost always wearing is a scarf (otherwise I think I’ll get a cold) and sunglasses (because I’m light sensitive and because I feel I look better with sunglasses than without) .Most of my clothes are black and I wear jeans a lot.
S: I always wear a black skirt, and I like uniform-style clothes. Lately I’ve been wearing a white shirt and a tie with my skirt. It looks a little like a school uniform, but (hopefully) more grown-up. ;-) I also like big sunglasses and hats (not together with the tie though!). And, I’ve wanted to have a pair of Doc Martens since I was 16… I think I’ll finally get a pair this fall.

TC: Favorite designers…

S: Helena Hörstedt, she is amazing.
C: hmm designers…. I’m not good with names, actually I don’t care so much about designers. It’s like with music, I like a good song here and a good song there. I’m not a follower of anyone or any style, what is good is good. Though I have to agree with Sara, Helena Hörstedts design is great!

TC: What are your plans for the weekend?
S: I’m going on a camping vacation to southern France! I’ll travel around by car and stay in a tent for the next two weeks with my boyfriend, enjoying loads of nice food and wine and sun (we hope). :-)

C: I really like to do nothing when I’m off work, I mean I don’t like to make plans, but I think I will visit an exhibition about how to renovate apartments from different decades, and I may go for a good Italian coffee.
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3 comments for “Interview with Mori & Mimosa”

  1. what a nice interview!

    I love their pieces and I was lucky to meet Christina and Sara when I was in Stockholm… they are very nice and there studio/store is just lovely. The dress with the floating swans {that keep the dress in place} is to die for…

    Posted by sia | September 18, 2007, 2:31 am
  2. Such beautiful designs by Mori & Mimosa. This is a great interview. I always like to hear about the creative process.. I could relate to the remark you highlighted too. I feel the same.

    Posted by laundrygirl | September 18, 2007, 3:40 pm
  3. another wonderful interview, i love reading these. what beautiful pieces.

    Posted by thealchemist | September 18, 2007, 4:33 pm

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