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California Uber Ovalles

Today I want to share with you, artist, Mitsy Ávila Ovalles , who probably has one of the coolest myspace pages I’ve ever seen… and fantastic blog… It’s all a very cool mixture of digital and hand-drawn work. She personalize it by sharing her love of baseball, and adding in her own [...]

The Intelligistas

The other night Beauty & the Geek aired the season premiere. It kind of struck a cord with me because, well, because there were a few statements aired that alluded to a common belief that because a woman is interested in fashion and makeup, that she lacked intelligence.
Now you and I both know, that the [...]

Lovely Notes: Tatto Eye Mystery

Here’s a comment I thought to share… from Tattoo eye mystery….

Elle said…

I can’t believe I actually know this. OK, I don’t know it, but I knew how to find it, within seconds. According to the Aug/Sept issue of BUST magazine, Amy Winehouse uses Rimmel liquid eyeliner.
Personally, I never could master liquid eyeliner. [...]

Today’s Attire : Cozying up

Today is windy as heck outside, it’s the first day sweaters were required. I have this one from the back of my closet, I acquired in a clothing swap with my friends. It may attract cat hair, and they like my sweater for the same reason I do… it’s cozy. Trying to be warm [...]

Take a Hint*

My love for behind the scenes action….This is the first real fashion week season, I’ve paid any real attention to. I’m so impressed by the amounts of . It’ s a mess of models in clothes projecting trends that haven’t really occurred yet. A glimpse into the future, perhaps. I don’t really know [...]

General Attire: Insider Trading

I have too many clothes. Waaaay too many clothes. So many, I have this new goal to only have as many clothes that will fit in my closet. So that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.
This Saturday, I went down to sell some of my jeans… and they took a bunch, but then I browsed around [...]

Nothing but poetry

I’m just now starting to learn how to use myspace. Yeah, go figure, how long has it been? Ok, so I may be slow on the uptake, but I’ve quickly learned to admire the vast amounts of talent there. Often times I’m looking around for fashion, art and photography… Nothing But Poetry has [...]

Today’s Attire : Booties

Yep, I finally got my booties for the season. At Loehmann’s, I found these Antik Denim patent booties, they have a 4.5 inch heel! But they are actually well-made and comfortable.

Interview with Mori & Mimosa

Mori & Mimosa are a Swedish design duo Christina Wemming and Sara Engberg. They remind me of an ice cream swirl, two distinctive elements made into one. Christina designs the clothes and Sara designs the jewelery, yet they work together so well. Here they talk about working together, and traveling to Japan…
The Coveted: How did [...]

Process: Gudrun

Process is probably the most interesting part of developing creativity. I am always fascinated by how uniquely each person approaches a design problem. Some people work on cocktail napkins, others write in journals. Still others create scrap books, and render beautiful drawings. All these are physical notes to remind the creator of their vision. [...]