Mid-week Halloween

In my world, going out on a school nite is a good idea, as long as I’m home by 10pm. Holy moly. That’s sad, but I like my morning oatmeal. So if you are a goody two-shoes like me and you want to celebrate Halloween, here are a few options.1. Passing out candy.2. Dressing up, making costumes with what’s in …

jennineMid-week Halloween

Sacred Geometry

Every now and then, and not as often as I’d like, I’ll draw the connection to two unrelated things and get really excited. A few weeks ago, I went to see the Olafur Eliasson exhibiton at the SFMOMA it was an expereince… for sure.I don’t think my work is about my work. My work is about you. ~Olafur Eliasson.[Eliasson] challeng[es] …

jennineSacred Geometry

Halloween Heroes

Rocky and I went to a Halloween Ball. We didn’t have a costume, so we just raided my closet and threw something together. I was a superhero, using my American Apparel swimsuit, leggings, gold belt and opera gloves. Rocky used my boxing gloves and hot pink tank. The undies are his. Picture was taken by Barak @ going.com.

jennineHalloween Heroes

Mostly one of a kind

KConline is a line of clothing found on Etsy. I really like mixture of textures and silhouettes, like the secretary dress with a sexy black minidress over it… the designer French, working out of Brooklyn handles each piece from sketch to construction. I get my inspiration on the streets of NYC and in magazines. The pieces are not badly priced …

jennineMostly one of a kind

Pure Candy

Last night, I opted for a relaxing evening in… Rented Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, mostly because I have not seen the movie even though I had pretended to a couple of times, like the time I was at a press preview for Marie Antoinette’s perfume at the de Young. The curator at the Legion of Honor asked me if I …

jenninePure Candy

The Stiletto Effect gets personal…

Today Su from The Stiletto Effect posted an interview with her Red Carpet links… I was particularly intrigued, mainly because I was included, but she also had great interviews with Coco’s Tea Party, Discotheque Confusion (one of my regular lurks), and Asian Models Blog. It’s really great to get to know bloggers, one of my favorite parts of blogging.

jennineThe Stiletto Effect gets personal…

Straight to my heart

I find myself doing more and more reading on the web. As the print vs. web debate goes on like some kind of good vs. evil, nitpicky crusade, I wonder… what is going to happen to the art of literature. The web as a medium, opens so many possibilities for experiment, narrative, interaction and discourse. As much as I love …

jennineStraight to my heart