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Today’s Attire : Random Stuff

I’m sorry I haven’t been doing as much Today’s Attire lately… I haven’t much felt like being photographed… and plus there are some changes going on in my life at the moment. One thing, is my life-long struggle with my weight, I know I’ve gained 7 pounds, and it doesn’t feel that great, so tonight, [...]

"We represent a lot of ethnic girls…."

Today, I performed a quick little experiment. Pulling all the face shots of blonde hair/blue eyed models and black models off the Style.com’s backstage coverage of SS/08. Fatigued and overwhelmingly disappointed I gave up by the time I reached Diane Von Furstenburg.
Personally, I’ve always hated the white vs. black debate in racism, being as most [...]

Today’s Attire : Autumn Aquatic

I love how dresses can be worn with layers. A few months ago, this was a perfect summer dress, now I have dressed it up for fall. God bless layers.

Excellent & Adorable

Every year, before the holidays begin, I tell myself that I’m going to make more pressies…sometimes it works and… sometimes…. well, my intentions are good. Marimello posted the best crochet tutorial just in time for the holiday season. This young man does an excellent job of showing us how to crochet a hat, for those [...]

Today’s Attire : Chunky Knits

Over the weekend, I found a chunky 80’s sweater. It’s just really not like anything I see people wearing around… it’s a strange feeling between comfort in the chunkiness of the sweater and vulnerability because it’s not so conventional and I’m not used to oversized shoulders. I have this pared with a long sleeve heather [...]


One Christmas, I got this crazy idea in my head that if only I had a nice handbag, I would somehow be a better person, or at least appear to be one.
Ask me how a handbag can make you a better person, and I won’t have an honest answer, but somehow Christine Valenti who designs [...]

Beam me up

Since the advent of laser technology, it was only a matter of time before someone integrated these cool lights into clothing, even if in concept. I think it was ten or eleven years ago, for Halloween, I wired up a giant pink dress with LED lights for my ‘Glenda, good witch of the north’ costume. [...]

Pleats please, pretty please….

Last week, The Sartorialist caught a woman in front of the Louvre wearing what appears to be a piece from Helena Hörstedt’s No. 3 Collection. I’ve seen these on the internet, and this Swedish designer has not only left me breathless is also cited as a favorite designer by Mori & Mimosa… Seeing a [...]

Inside the studio…. gr.dano

Putting together an outfit, building a wardrobe is the part of the fashion industry I am familiar with. The actual design process and environment where clothing is conceived is something of a mystery. How would you design a collection? Where do you begin? gr.dano is a San Francisco design team who let us have a [...]

Today’s Attire : Bubbles & Ruffles

It’s grey and rainy out… I’m kind of stressed due to a ton of things going on in my life… but that’s what it’s like for everyone. I can’t wait for the weekend and relax a little. Today I’m wearing a series of bubbly and ruffly clothes with a dark twist, so I feel a [...]