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The Distortion of Beauty

This morning I was getting ready for work, feeling rather ugly with raccoon eyes and messy hair, thinking I need more and more make up just to look presentable. What is that about? The whole concept of being beautiful sometimes amazes me, it’s such a construct. Growing up, I was kind of chubby, awkward and [...]

Simmering… my mental shopping list

I’m going to let you in a bit more on what goes on in my mind as my wardrobe evolves… through my lurking and research, there are lots of things I see and make mental notes of. Right now I’m kind of trying to not go shopping as much, so I let some items simmer [...]

Today’s Attire : Shiny Fabrics

Yeah, so now I know about the benefits of organic fabrics, I go and wear a bunch of synthetics…. ha! Why does this always happen? That’s the thing about humility, if I can ever hope to achieve it. At any rate, I’ve been itching to wear my silk dress that makes me look like cosmetic [...]


Ever since they started this whole ‘organics’ thing, I’ve quietly, or not so quietly wondered if it were a scam or not. It wasn’t until I moved near a Whole Foods market, that I started swearing by organic food. Now there is organic clothing, and at first, I thought ‘well, if I like organic food, [...]

Today’s Attire: Tree, meter, me

I took yesterday off… to take care of my analog life. It’s amazing what I’ve let go in my blogging spree. Yesterday, I purged a good portion of my apartment, books, odds&ends, and my closet it still overflowing. I guess it’s going to have to undergo a second edit to achieve my goal of owning [...]

Vivienne Darling…

Vivienne Westwood thinks we should stop buying clothes. Bits and bobbins posted a very interesting article from the Telegraph UK. Vivienne explains her viewpoints on fashion today…
“There’s this idea that somehow you’ve got to keep changing things, and as often as possible. Maybe if people just decided not to buy anything for a while, they’d [...]

Just me… black ruffle…

Just me..j is a profile I found on IQONs… you know…. lurking as a good blogger should do… and I’m just amazed on how she works with simple black silk. I couldn’t find much else on her, except a flickr page, but I’d thought I’d share some snippets of her profile.
style:simple, rough, conceptual…some people say [...]

Today’s Attire : Perfect Leather Dress

Many of us have been searching for a perfect leather dress… I myself have been curious about this phenomenon and keeping an eye out for something, something I can authentically pull off. A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping and found this 80’s hot pink suede dress… holy moly…. I know, I know, [...]

Coveted Eyes

Diana at So Fash’on reminded me of The Coveted sunglasses of Maison Martin Margiela…. ooh I’m so excited! This what coveted eyes look like in life… I’m also really feeling the horse tube dress… lovely…

Mall Life

Did any of you ever have the fantasy of being locked in the mall over night? Or a camp out at the mall? Or perhaps it was a nightmare of being trapped in the mall. Actually, that happened to me once… for a moment I thought I dreamed it, but no, I was trapped in [...]