Lovely wishes for 2008

Well, this is it… the end of the year. I can’t believe it, really. You can’t have a new year with reflecting on the time passed… Everything in my life is different from last new year. The Coveted, didn’t even exist in my mind. Actually, I wanted to start a smart girl blog called ‘Freebird Habitat’ but that never panned …

jennineLovely wishes for 2008

How blondes are born…

, originally uploaded by armbryterskan. Some of my best friends are blondes…. they know who they are. Actually, strangely enough, a good chunk of my friends are blondes… what is that? Anyway, I just thought this was a cute little collage.

jennineHow blondes are born…

I’m searching for a handbag

Typically, I’m not a handbag type girl… it’s not my thing. I’ve never bought a nice handbag, I’ve lusted over some, but in an imaginary kind of way… the truth is, I’d rather not spend a ton of money on a bag. But recently, I’ve been thinking it’s time to get a nice handbag, just because, it adds to the …

jennineI’m searching for a handbag

Today’s Attire : Holiday

rock pic, originally uploaded by the coveted. Here I am in Southern California, sitting on a rock enjoying the sunshine. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is down there, the oak trees and the rolling hills, the granite rocks…. but it was nice to get out in nature and enjoy the world for a moment. Even if it is in …

jennineToday’s Attire : Holiday

Grandma’s House

Today, after 47 years of living in their modernist Eichler home in Sunnyvale, California, my grandparents, Bea & Ralph, are moving to Hawaii. It’s a strange feeling, because my whole life, they have been there. Yesterday, I was saying ‘see you later’ it was bittersweet, because it’s the end of an era in my family, yet, they will be closer …

jennineGrandma’s House

Playing with scraps….

Oh my god… over the holidays I was doing some shopping for my nice and nephew who are at the adorable age of 5 and 3. It was really cool to go shopping for my niece, mostly because it brought back lots of memories about what I liked as a kid. I saw this Fashion Design Studio craft kit that …

jenninePlaying with scraps….

Sunday Pixel Brunch : Siouxsie & the Banshees

In my younger years, when I first started getting interested in fashion and style, my inspirations mostly revolved around music. Early on, like most kids wanting to be different, I became very interested in ‘alternative music’, and back then it meant something else. Siouxsee and the Banshees was one of my favorite bands, Siouxsee Sioux is a pioneer for her …

jennineSunday Pixel Brunch : Siouxsie & the Banshees