Shoe D’Jour : Cinderella’s Floral Shoes

I just had to post these floral lovelies I found on Etsy. Before you get excited… they are a size 5.5. I love them, oh how I love them.

jennineShoe D’Jour : Cinderella’s Floral Shoes

Be nice, how to build your style from the inside.

If you have ever noticed someone wearing sweats and a high ponytail looking wonderful, and a person wearing all the right things and looking like an uncomfortable mess, you’ll know that true style comes from the inside. Inner beauty is something anyone can obtain. It’s simple, but not always easy.

jennineBe nice, how to build your style from the inside.

Gradient tights I done myself…

I’ve had it. That’s it. Forget about it. I love gradients… I’ve tried not to, but I do. Since Prada brought them into the forefront AW07, gradients have been peeking into fashion conversations. Style Alchemy posted this lovely pic that’s been haunting me for ages. H&M even did a gradient sweater. But when I saw Christian Lacroix’s Spring Couture show… …

jennineGradient tights I done myself…

Today’s Attire : Gradients in real life

This morning I just woke up and put on what was on top of the pile. Yes, sometimes it’s that simple the reasoning behind my outfits. The cool thing is, that the ladies in the office really love the hand-dyed tights I made the other day… And it’s cool because I really love them. I wasn’t going to post a …

jennineToday’s Attire : Gradients in real life

Shoe D’Jour : Sweet Jane

A few weeks ago, or was it a week ago, I saw the cutest girl with white cut-out booties on Face Hunter. I seriously covet the white cut out look, but this Urban Collection pair is just a tease… probably 1/2 a size too small… these hush puppy mary janes are just the cutest thing I’ve seen all morning.

jennineShoe D’Jour : Sweet Jane

Beautiful Tuesdays

Kezia has made little appearances here and there on this blog, she is a good friend of mine, and professional writer. Over the years, she’s mostly written for the web, and she’s also an esthetician. Which is probably why she has the most beautiful flawless skin I’ve ever known, which is a great feat for someone in her 30′s. I’ve …

jennineBeautiful Tuesdays

Shoe D’Jour : Spats

Today’s shoe d’jour isn’t really a shoe… yess… indeed, they are spats, reversible spats. You can wear them with any shoe transforming a normal black pump into something extraordinary. When I first saw them, I really wanted them a lot. I called, and they cost like $200 or something, and I said, no way… but now they are marked down …

jennineShoe D’Jour : Spats