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Get your labcoats on…

Sometimes I think while bloggers and magazines engage in our little cat fights some fashion-passionates are just getting on with it. Barcelona based DRESSLAB has done just that…. it’s an online avant-garde fashion publication that describes itself as “a laboratory of mode + music + art,” and it is just that. Holy moly, I must have spent a good hour or so, just browsing through all the beautiful images, and each section had a little surprise. A slide show, a flim clip, drag and drop virtual paper dolls, music videos… etc.

There is just so much interactive capability, creative talent out there, and stellar designers, photographers, and stylists dare I say, like, peanut butter and chocolate. I hate to be that corny, but sometimes it just amazes me that there isn’t more interactive fashion presentation. I guess it’s getting proper dispersal, and the whole element of being to ‘avant garde’ or elitist or populist, etc…. Maybe there just isn’t enough money in it yet. Prada did a great job last season with their website, naturally, the design helped create an experience, you’d only get from Prada… perhaps they are some of the few that are realizing that creating beautiful online environments is the next step in fashion journalism.


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  1. Mango’s website is pretty cute..


    Posted by missymindie | January 26, 2008, 9:02 am

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