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When am I ever going to get this season’s handbag?

As a self-proclaimed retail hag, I recommend to everyone that they do take a look at Story of Stuff, especially if, like me shopping or fashion is your passion. It’s inspired me to begin exploring other ways to cultivate creativity (yes, fashion-wise).

Maybe tonight instead of watching re-runs of Seinfeld, sit down and watch the Story of Stuff… a 20 min documentary about the consumer economy and it’s impact on the environment and our mental and physical health. Kind of like An Inconvenient Truth, it’s one of those documentaries, that doesn’t shake it’s finger, it just lays out the facts, and gives you a solution or a direction to take.I heard about it a while ago, although I’m not sure if it was Bits & Bobbins or Elizabeth who brought it up (either of them are very likely sources). Either way, I was at work, and couldn’t devote my full attention. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be talking about this, but American consumer culture is seeming to be at the verge of a breaking point. I can’t go one day without hearing someone talking about a recession, or what is going to happen when Americans stop spending. It’s obvious that things have to change, and I know it’s hard to see a solution. Sometimes, I just want to have shiny new things, even when I really can’t afford them, and a lot of times shopping makes me feel better. But then I feel worse, but then I feel better, and then I have to purge my closet, so I feel worse.

All I know, is that it’s delightful to have little reminders like these to keep what’s really important in perspective.

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4 comments for “When am I ever going to get this season’s handbag?”

  1. Now this just makes me feel bad… : (

    Posted by susie_bubble | January 24, 2008, 2:29 am
  2. I felt like a real jerk for going to the malls while at the same time, a hero for going to the thrift stores.

    Posted by heather | January 24, 2008, 8:05 am
  3. i dont’ think it’s meant to make you sad, but to empower you… esp someone like you susie, who is so creative with your wardrobe,

    but i don’t think consumptions equates with style, and it’s inspiring to see what you can do with limitations…


    Posted by jennine | January 24, 2008, 12:45 pm
  4. I have been trying to be more eco-friendy and not a conspicuous spender, but sometimes I am weak. I will definitely put Stuff on my things to do list.

    Posted by Girl-Woman | January 24, 2008, 1:13 pm

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