Gradient tights I done myself…

gradient tights lacroix

jan10.jpgI’ve had it. That’s it. Forget about it. I love gradients… I’ve tried not to, but I do. Since Prada brought them into the forefront AW07, gradients have been peeking into fashion conversations. Style Alchemy posted this lovely pic that’s been haunting me for ages. H&M even did a gradient sweater. But when I saw Christian Lacroix’s Spring Couture show… I just knew I had to have gradient tights.

Now finding gradient tighs were one thing. There’s a pair on Ooga Booga for *ahem* $93. After my Spanx busted I vowed never to buy expensive tights…. so that was out. And why are they so hard to find?

On my regular trip to the supermarket, I picked up a box of purple dye (its usually by the laundry powder) salt, and some l’eggs pantyhose… and this is what I ended up doing it dip dyeing the pantyhose to make my own gradient tights. They are actually more versatile than I thought… they’re easy to make, cheap and fun… maybe I should open my own gradient tights shoppe?

Anyway, here’s how to do it:

Materials: Box of Rit Dye, salt, detergent, pantyhose (light colored, or flesh color is fine).

1. Mix your dye bath… I usually use my mop bucket in the shower.

2. Rinse & wring your panyhose, the gradient will be easier to create if the material is damp.

3. Dip the dampened pantyhose into the dye bath, don’t submerge them in the dye, but dip half way or or however you would like to have colored.

4. Hang the pantyhose in the shower for an hour or so, maybe two… this will allow gravity to pull the dye to the bottom creating the gradient.

5. Rinse the excess dye, and hang dry.

Then you’re done!

gradient tights

jennineGradient tights I done myself…

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  2. S.

    These are really cute, but the purple ones sort of creep me out… Like all the blood in her body is being FORCED down to her legs. It’s a great idea, though!

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