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It’s just lovely to be nominated… again…

Well, for those of you who didn’t catch it the first time, after a bit of a rocky start, The Fabbies are in full force. Personally, I’m delighted to be nominated for “Best Newbie” and judging by the others in my category, it’s going to be pretty tough to get the award… but still, I [...]

Today’s Attire : Grey Monday

Over the weekend, I stopped by a few shoppes I haven’t been to for a while… Town School Closet and Cris, both on Polk. Town School Closet  is a charity shoppe benefiting a boys school. They often have lots of higher end clothing, like this Saks Fifth Avenue silk blouse, you can’t really see in [...]

Citizens of the world

I finally got down to neighborhood boutique, Eco Citizen, It’s such a great little place, with so many wonderful eco-friendly clothing. Many of the designers they carry are from San Francisco, so making it such a wonderful little jem. Seriously, she has all the great William Good, and Turk&Taylor clothes, along with some really high-end [...]

Sunday Pixel Brunch: Legend has it..

Swedish band The Legends makes for nice Sunday morning/afternoon music…

Virtual treasures : It’s a circus of couture & cats

Ah yes, it’s easy to want to spoil your loved ones, although often times, you can go through all the trouble you want, and they still want to sleep in a cardboard box. Heh. I guess, lavishing yourself in clothes and massages isn’t all that bad.
In other non-pet related news… Maison Martin Margiela gets [...]

Strangers in strange lands

Imagine you are in a far away land, and maybe you already are. The population is completely different from you, and you have a hard time finding clothes you like. If it were me, I’d probably have you all send me clothes (if you would be so kind) but Megan Fischer took a totally different [...]

Today’s Attire : Saturday Changing

Today I can go to the bank to buy quarters, but I ain’t doing laundry ’till tomorrow. Everything in my closet is dirty, so I put on a dirty sweater, and go shopping for a clean one. Sorry, but I do that on occasion. I noticed a hole in my wardrobe, and I haven’t been [...]

Bringing the outside in

Sweet Abigail Percy, inspired by nature and all around her, has made this wonderful collection of floral jewelry. I just love the graphic use of gold and yet the look so light and sturdy and delicate just like a flower, without actually mimicking one. I keep coming back to these earrings… the are just so [...]

Today’s Attire : Slumming it up

Actually, it’s yesterday’s attire. Today I’m wearing pyjamas. I finally got sick and now I’m at home listening to soft rock and hanging out with my kitties while feeling not so great.
Things have been super hectic lately, so my laundry pile has pretty much absorbed the entire closet. Getting inovative with outfits gets hard around [...]

How I learned to stop worrying & love the atomic bomb

I mean the green movement.
Well, not really. I still worry, all the talk of the end of the world, and I can barely save my own apartment. Keeping organized with over-the-door shoe racks falling apart is really tough. If you ever opened my closet door, you would know what I mean.
Recently, I shared with you [...]