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Beautiful Tuesdays: Magical Runway Makeup

Post by Kezia:

I can be a bit myopic when it comes to fashion and adornment. Don’t get me wrong, I adore clothes, accessories, makeup and shoes. I just have rigid ideas (for myself, mainly) about what works and what doesn’t work and rarely divert from that path (I’m a fixed sign: Scorpio; we’re stubborn like that).

Then Jennine suggested I write about New York Fashion Week 08 makeup trends. Huh. Runways. After a few cursory looks at Rodarte, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, etc., I thought, “Oh no, it’s too weird, unwearable and garish.” When I whined about the uber-unwearabilty of trends like red eyeshadow and ghoulish nude matte lips to Jennine, she gently reminded me that runways are an aesthetic forum for inspiration and that everything tends to be more theatrical and other-worldly. Ah ha!

I’m grateful to have such a lovely, creative-thinking friend who can help me see the stylish forest for the trees. With that, I’ll tell you a bit about the runway makeup I liked best — and offer suggestions on making them work in real life.

All About Eyes

Dramatic, colorful, (think purple, navy, teal) well-blended smokey eyes ruled the runways. I loved the peacock colors and purple/indigo lids favored by BCBG, Monique Lhuillier, Proenza Shouler and Temperley London. Another variation, dark and heavy kohl-rimmed eyes made a strong impact at the Zac Posen show- very bad-ass and sexy. Image via: WWD.com



Make it work for you
The smokey eye has always eluded me. I can do eyeliner and mascara, but with my pale skin, dark eye shadow makes me look like a prize fighter. Thank heavens for new the new shadows made with rich, saturated pigments and pre-blended colors for easier application.

Try: Laura Geller Baked Marble Eyeshadow: Each marbleized powder eyeshadow comes with an infusion of layered colors like Moonstone, Forest Mist and Blue Heaven. Image via: Sephora.com

Try: L’Oreal HIP Shocking Shadow Pigments: The colors are super saturated and go on and blend beautifully. Perfect for shadowing the lids or as eyeliner. Image via Drugstore.com

If you’d like more details about Fashion Week 08 makeup, Temptalia did an amazing job of recapping the trends and gives easy-to-follow makeup tips.

Other interpretations and ideas
Maybe the heavy eye makeup look isn’t your thing. Done right it’s an edgy and seductive nighttime look. For day, it’s a tad overwhelming and inappropriate (depending on your profession). Here’s another cool way to wear this trend- put the color on your nails. Sleek aubergines, deep inky indigos spiked with shimmer (or just straight up glossy navy) are surprisingly wearable. Also it’s a refreshing change from deep, vampy burgundies- and just as sexy.

Try: Rescue Beauty Lounge offers a beautiful array of non-toxic, eco-friendly polish colors. I love the deep, shimmery navy Under the Stars .
Image via: Rescue Beauty Lounge



5 comments for “Beautiful Tuesdays: Magical Runway Makeup”

  1. I love the beautiful red lips at Zac Posen, unfortunatly i am one of the many that cant pull red lips off, darnit

    Posted by Rachel | February 12, 2008, 4:26 pm
  2. i think i have fallen in love with the proenza shouler collection…

    Posted by Fashion Tidbits | February 12, 2008, 4:42 pm
  3. I use always the Temperley look you show. Is perfect to make a dramatic entrance in a room ;-)

    Posted by Mer | February 13, 2008, 3:42 am
  4. Must…make…more…of…an…effort…with make-up…and…stuff

    Posted by susie_bubble | February 13, 2008, 4:17 am
  5. rachel, i have the same issue with red lipstick. then i found Nars lipgloss in “bloodwork.” I apply it over lip balm. The result? A lovely, sheer red tint.

    Posted by kezia | February 13, 2008, 9:41 pm

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