diana bobar dress

The one thing I have to say about my fashion sense since the beginning of my blog journey, is the effect the internet has had on my sense of style, and my willingness to step out of the box. I remember when Diana Bobar was first leaving comments on blogs introducing herself, all the relentless hard work she did on her blog, then her photoshoots, and her move to wordpress, then she started selling pieces on Indie Coterie and then in January, she released an entire collection. Gosh, I’m thoroughly impressed with this woman on the other side of the planet! So of course I had a peek, and fell in love with some her very unique and expressive pieces. Since she made it very easy to buy directly from her site, this dress was very reasonably priced, so I couldn’t resist. The prices are in the range of 50 - 60 Euro + 13 Euro shipping tax for customers outside Romania. For a handmade one of a kind piece. So I picked this dress with a shiny plastic type fabric and silk neck ruffle. I love the tule detail, and the overall ruching, and the dress is nicely lined. It’s just beautiful.

When I pulled it out of the box, my co-workers asked where I would wear this number? Where wouldn’t I wear it? I wore it out dancing Saturday night, and although no one was wearing even remotely a similar dress, it made it all the more special. Even more so, because I was supporting a fellow blogger.

Be sure to visit Diana Bobar’s SS08 collection by clicking here

And if you want to… watch a little video of me modeling the dress… it’s 30 seconds long… so what the heck?

jenninediana bobar dress