Interview with a young lady and her shoes…

by jennine on February 15, 2008

The first time I encountered a Celia Marco shoe, I immediately wrote down her name so I could find out more about the shoes… I was in a boutique at the time without paper so I ended up writing on my hand. It was only a matter of time since we got in touch, I truly love the playful colors and rock and roll inspired designs, here she talks with us about her roots in shoe making and what to wear on your feet this year…
What are you obsessing on these days?
I´m sure that would be very good for me to go to the USA and present my shoes over there. Now I´m thinking how to do that, what could be the best place to exhibit, the best shops to visit… I think i´m really obsessed with that.

You started out in fashion and photography, but moved into shoes… why?
This is a long story. I´m from Elda, a town in the South-East coast of Spain where is located most of the footwear industry. My family has been always involved in shoes, even I was working at the factory, sewing and helping in the manufacture of shoes… I was a little fed up with shoes! Then I decided to moved to Madrid to study fashion photography and stylist, trying not to work in shoes never again but, finally, a Spanish fashion designer ask me to design some shoes for his catwalk and something inside me said: “hey, this is what you really want to do!”. So, I talked with my family and now we´re running the factory under the Celia Marco brand.

What is your favorite part about designing shoes?
I love drawing the collection to see
the shoes I designed materialized after several weeks of hard work. But there is a part of the work, that one related with suppliers, fairs, sales… that it´s so hard, too much problems!

Do you have a shoe hero?
Not really… Every season designers present shoes to die for, and we know that a lot of these styles are designed by anonymous people who work for the big names. These people are really the heroes.

If you could help me chose a ‘must-have’ shoe this year, what would it be?
For the summer season, I´d chose a pair of “gladiator” sandals and some colorful, bright style. Fringes, stoned-washed jeans, tye-dye… everything that take us to the “Summer of Love”. And to put away the ballerinas…

What are your plans for the year?
I want this year to be the Celia Marco year ;-) So, my plans are to do everything necessary to achieve it!

What are you doing tonight?
Tomorrow I´ll fly to Paris to exhibit at the Premiere Classe fair, so tonight I´ll pack my suitcase and say goodbye to my boyfriend and cats. And I´ll try to relax myself, because I don´t like to fly!

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bobble-bee February 15, 2008 at 2:04 pm

Celia!! yeah, i LOOOVE her designs, and she is really awesome, really cool girl :)

Patti February 15, 2008 at 3:05 pm

Love at first sight: the pink ones. The booties with fur are really lovely too.

dreamecho February 15, 2008 at 3:36 pm

awesome! i remembered you featured her shoes before…so it’s so nice to hear more about her.

i hope she starts selling in the US SOON!!!!

meli February 15, 2008 at 6:38 pm

awesome post. thanks for the interview.
wat is sweeter than shoes, traveling, the BoyF and cats (well Im a dog person)

would love to see her progress into stardomness, seems its only a matter of time.

Very sweet.

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