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Shoe D’Jour : Badassss chains

Finding shoes that are practical and fun are hard to find. Well, for me anyway. Bernhard Willhelm’s Lea Bootie is fun and with a small wooden wedge it’s also practical. I love the yellow tip mostly because yellow shoes are hard for me with my olive skin. The chain, well, it’s just plain cool.

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s cousin…

The first time I came across monkey fur was at the Deco Show this past winter. It was awkward, being born and bred in California has made me naturally dubious of fur. Of course, living in warm climates, fur has always meant an extreme cost for glamor both fiscally and morally. That with the [...]

Jewelry for the indecisive: Wear it all

My official retort to minimalism is, “Less is a bore.”
Not that I don’t like simplicity, I do… it just has a place. Like everything else, good visual style relies on variety. That’s why I love Iosselliani, who I just now came across at Aloha Rag. One of the issues surrounding jewelry is that I [...]

Shoe D’Jour : Things to write on post-it notes

My entire life is organized on post-it notes. It’s not such a good thing because sometimes the post-its get lost. I guess if I had a post-it wrist band or if a pad was somehow attached to my shoes, that would be lovely.
Thank you. Pierre Hardy for thinking of such a great way to remember [...]

Virtual treasures : Electric kool-aid acid test

This week has been pretty interesting, fashion-wise, it’s been kind of trippy to say the least… Jezebel and Prada take us on an acid trip. Dreamecho discovers more re-creational activities. Stylebytes gets her fringe on. Pudri goes on magical mystery heel tour.
On a completely different, yet compelling topic, what exactly can you do with all [...]

Sunday Pixel Brunch : Whitest Boy Alive

There is a super big storm out this morning… the wind is rattling the windows, and I don’t want to get dressed much less leave the apartment. It’s the perfect kind of morning for listening to uplifting indie music like Berlin based band, Whitest Boy Alive.
Aside from the quirky name, which sounds to be a [...]

Searching for Johnny Ramone

Before my brother came along, it was just me and my little sister for a majority of our childhood. Well, exactly half of mine…. but we had to share everything, our room, toys, sometimes even clothes. That’s the way it is for most of us. The thing that I always felt separated us were our [...]

Girlfriend in a Koma

I had a difficult time deciding on whether or not to post this. On one hand I really like young designer, David Koma’s work a great deal. This is his last season’s work. But in reference to what has been going on this year in fashion, it’s edgy, but not entirely groundbreaking. It left me [...]

Simultaneous Evolutionary Jumps

A long time ago, I wanted to be an artist. Perhaps not so long ago. I love the process of doodling, and creating something special. There was a time where I pursued the idea of drawing, but for some reason, I thought there was no future in drawing, not to mention, I could never [...]

Today’s Attire : Vintage Lace

I’ve had this green lace dress in my closet for a while… taunting me. Should I keep it? Sell it off on eBay? Oh dear I’m sad to say that I’m not in the crowd of people who were disappointed in Prada’s show. I love lace.
So here it is, my vintage lace dress, the one [...]