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Shoe D’Jour : Bond Girl

It’s the inescapable strappy sandal. If you’re following the trends, spend all day watching what people are wearing, then you’ll know that this year, it’s looking like the more straps the better. Personally, I’m smitten, though, of course not wanting to be a clone, I’m looking at shoes that stand outside the pack. […]

Sunday Pixel Brunch : The Foals

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the Foals might be taking London by storm, selling out gigs before album releases is a pretty good indicator. I’m not much of a music junkie but for all intensive purposes, when something good comes along I really like to be in the know, even if it […]

Today’s Attire : Birthday

Today is my birthday… I’m not so sure what I should be doing, I don’t usually do anything big things for that day, except maybe get a nice dress.
So this little number I got at Mascara Vintage it’s 1980’s little party dress, of course it’s a floral print and it’s too cold to be going […]