Rights of Spring

It’s a rare treat to look in the the myth and whimsy of a female heart.
Artist, Orly Cogan has made her career showing us the depths of her imagination, as if Alice or Ofelia (Pan’s Labyrinth) ever got to grow up or if Hieronymus Bosch were a woman… Who knows? Last year she completed a series of epic scenes embroidered on vintage fabrics, and her new work on paper, she says,
“are lyrical and romantic with ambiguous poetic narratives.”

jennineRights of Spring

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  1. meli

    wow.her work is lovely!
    It was quite refreshing to see Pan’s Labyrinth and it reminded as a young adult, to never let go off a kooky imagination even in tough times. It has become a fave in the last couple of years. I also though the custom dept. for that film did a fantastic job.

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