Today’s Attire : Eureka

Every Saturday there is a flea market
in Frankfurt along the Main River. I had my reservations, as it’s located along the strip in front of all the museums and might attract more tourists than locals.

I was wrong. There’s a strip of tables with women digging through the piles each looking for their suitable treasure. I didn’t have a lot of time to dig, but I was able to snag an interesting sweater dress and a pair of black hammer pants (will show soon). It’s really exciting knowing that there is indeed a source of cheap clothing, I just have to be willing to dig for it.

Anyway… ever since I tried on the Rosenmunn’s dress, I couldn’t get shoulder pads out of my mind. It was difficult to say what exactly draws me to this different silhouette, it’s certainly more masculine, and it takes a little getting used to.

jennineToday’s Attire : Eureka

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  1. dreamecho

    when you have va-va-voom red lips and heels like those, i don’t think there’s ANY issue of too much masculinity. ;)

  2. Fenke

    oh yes, fleamarkets are way cheaper in germany then shops - at least since this vintage hype.
    and i agree - the sweater in this combination is not masculine at all!

  3. Mer

    I was in that fleamarket in ’97. I bought a fantastic 40′s raincoat and a few things I still wear. I remember it was sooo big. There I saw kebabs for first time too hahahaha! :-D

  4. mia

    Love the Red tights! They have some cool tights here:


  5. moi

    The color of the dress with your hair, make-up and earrings - stunning! Looking forward to seeing the hammer pants, I don’t know what those are!

  6. Post

    aw… thank you so much for the lovely comments! and wouldn’t you know, the weather is totally nice out, so sweater dresses are out.

    mia… i can’t believe how cool that pixie market is!

  7. Jessica

    oh damn…when I go to Frankfurt we are going to Croatia beaches for the weekend so I will miss the flea market.

    I love the tights. We have to meet up and hang out. I am arriving May 21…

  8. mahret

    It’s kind of strange to read that you are now getting to know all these places I used to kind of live in when I was 17…

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  10. Ray

    It look good. Again you look good too wearing. I was at the flea market yesterday . Somebody stole the cell from the belt clip.
    Be care in that area.

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