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Rights of Spring

It’s a rare treat to look in the the myth and whimsy of a female heart. Artist, Orly Cogan has made her career showing us the depths of her imagination, as if Alice or Ofelia (Pan’s Labyrinth) ever got to grow up or if Hieronymus Bosch were a woman… Who knows? Last year she completed [...]

A nice girl from a lace collar town…

Inspired by wedding cakes and fairy tales, 3-D textile designer Katherine Wardropper makes for beautiful textile jewelry resembling Elizabethan ruffs.
“Using a developed ‘Sculptural Fabric Technique’ and the search to conjure up a sense of the ‘marvelous’ and ‘extraordinary’ into everyday life, Katherine carefully hand constructs 3D patterns to create both decorative ‘Wearable Art’ and ‘Sculpture’ [...]

Week in Chic

A Few Goody Gumdrops: RED ALERT…GET AHEAD IN RED! Louis Vuitton French Riviera Patent Leather Pumps In Red. So Sexy. Pair With Louboutin Satin Red Clutch.
Coquette loves dressing up in cute blouses for Spring.
Fashiontribes piles on the charming, non-cheesy craftsy jewelry.
I’m Not Obsessed shows you how to get Famke Janssen’s sunglasses for less.
Stylenotes features some [...]

Get Results with Skincare Superstars

Many of you have asked me for additional product recommendations-in particular anti-aging and calming serums. One of my favorite beauty resources is Paula Begoun, author Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me and purveyor of the Paula’s Choice cosmetics. She just wrote about A and B-list anti-aging products that’s full of helpful information and [...]

Green, Legs & Kamm

women should “dress the way women did during the Depression” to find clothes they love and wear them, again, and again.
Jesse Kamm, one of LA’s rising stars in fashion and purveyor of sustainability… Her philosophy is to create high quality “timeless pieces” that aren’t a part of the throw away culture that exist. She [...]

As if we needed another reason to love Italy…

I’ll never forget my first trip to Rome. My good friend from college, and native Roman, showed me all the little places she loved to shop. It was really amazing, and the most impressive feat was when she found a pair of second hand Jimmy Choo stilettos for 30Euros at the Puglia Mercato di Lecce [...]

Today’s Attire : Repetition

There are good things that come from repetition. Practice, skill, discipline, routine… all those come from series of repetitive acts.
I’ve been wearing the same outfits over and over.
Sure other bloggers may do it too… on occasion. Lately I haven’t been doing to many ‘Today’s Attire’ posts, mostly because I am not working at the moment. [...]

The Coveted Closet on eBay

Unless you are a hardcore eBay junkie, you probably don’t know of my new pieces on eBay. I just listed them yesterday. The only reason why I’m selling them is because I couldn’t take them to Germany with me. They might as well not sit at my sister’s house…
First of is a vintage 1960’s [...]

Welcome Hunters & Gatherers

Just when you start to wonder if LA style is really all about Nicole Ritchie and what’s her name… Mischa Barton, something like Welcome Hunters pops up on the radar. From the many times I’ve wishfully gazed upon the pages of Creatures of Comfort, Welcome Hunters adds to my joy that I’ll always have a [...]

Week In Chic

A Few Goody GumDrops: Go First Class With Coach Francine Turquoise Patent Leather.This Color Is So Gumdropable! Pair w/ Pucci Print Wedge Sandals
Coquette: Enter the Coquette Contest to win the new Sephora book + cosmetic bag filled with Sephora beauty products!
Fashiontribes:  Play online fashion stylist [...]