The love has long gone, and all that’s left is the jewelry…

They were the earrings I didn’t like wearing. The diamond earrings given to me by a man that was not for me, during a particularly dark period of my life. The earrings were beautiful, but I just couldn’t stand to wear them, plus, they really aren’t my style.

I didn’t know what to do with them, I didn’t want to keep them, but I didn’t know how to sell them, so I gave them to my mother. What moms don’t like diamond earrings?

I’ve heard all kinds of ways of dealing with the remnants of the past, from chucking a gold necklace into the bay, giving to charity, hocking at a pawn shop, eBay, melting it down, keeping it and reapproriating it’s meaning… “After what I put up with??!!?? I earned that bracelet!”

Well, the women behind exboyfriendjewelry.com came up with a great way to rid yourself not just the goods, but also the bads. Women tell the story behind each ring, each necklace, and more often than not, the story is more interesting than the jewelry itself.

Studs from a Dud

Right around the holidays three years ago, my 35-year-old boyfriend was so eager to give me his gift he couldn’t even wait until Christmas. I found his enthusiasm endearing! I hugged him when I opened the box and discovered an awkward pair of cubic zirconia, stud earrings. [...] Six months later, out of the blue, Mr. Thoughtful broke up with me. Over the phone. While I was recovering from brain surgery. Really!


His SISTERS failed marriage= MY engagment ring!!

Ugh. Well, my EX gave me this ring before we were married. Needless to say, I didn’t find out that this actual ring was given to him by his sister-and it was hers from her first failed run-away-and-get-married marriage.


More from the MAMA’s boy collection!

This gorgeous necklace accompanied the matching ring I received from my ex and his Mom. (she selected and paid for every thing he gave me!)

Oh dear, even if you are in a wonderful relationship, chances are there are stories you can relate to, some will make you laugh… and maybe you’ll find your old jewelry a new home.

photo by debaixo do ceu

jennineThe love has long gone, and all that’s left is the jewelry…

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  1. Poochie

    I just went the pawn shop route or a jewelry store looking to buy gold.

    This is so much more interesting.


  2. kirafashion


    nice blog!
    let´s exchange links?
    i hope so,
    a kiss and a hug,
    see you,

  3. meli

    wow, I have two rings (not THE rings, but artsy rings) one is marquesite and the other is white gold with a beautiful pearl. I dont wear them but I like to keep them well kept and stored, like a good memory.

  4. Lady Smaggle

    Ha ha wow what a great site. I’ve never been given jewellery from any man other than the fabulous one I am with now but it’s still great for a giggle.

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